Healthy Diet to Lose Weight

So you now are considering to lose weight, well without question the most important factor that will inevitably decide on whether or not you will be successful is your diet, the fuel that you provide your body with will fundamentally provide you with a healthy and abundant life.

We discussed the benefits of drinking water on the main page, so we will keep this post primarily about the food that you put into your mouths.

Before we go into more detail about what food types are best for you, it is always best to think before you eat and remember this motto:

“Is there an advert anywhere for the food that I am about to eat? If yes, then do not eat, if not then proceed with relish”

You will probably find that any food that has had an advert made about it will have been artificially altered by a process by man in some way, for instance, McDonalds and any breakfast cereal (apart from oats).

Dietary Habits to Think About and Adhere to

It has been mentioned my numerous medical doctors in the past and will always be advised – eat plenty fruit and vegetables each day, in fact make sure you are eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables throughout the day.  There are several benefits of eating fruit and vegetables from increasing fiber (this helps reduce cholesterol and therefore reduce fat storage) intake to help prevent cancer occurring.

Fruit and vegetable consumption is one thing, another change in your diet would be to enhance your understanding of bad or good fats and the knowledge to know that the foods that contain healthy fats are best to be consumed. Again natural fats here are where you should be heading when selecting fats in the supermarket, such as:

Extra Virgin Olive oil
Coconut milk
Nuts and seeds
Coconut oil
Raw Red Palm Oil.

You should avoid the following oils or fats:

Corn oil
Rapeseed oil
Soybean oil,
Cotton seed oil
Refined vegetable oil

And stay away from anything that might have ‘trans fat’ anywhere on the label of a food product, this stuff needs to be avoided at all costs.

If we now look at the meat aspect of what you are eating you need to think LEAN is best at all times and ORGANIC LEAN is even better for you. When lean is mentioned you need to think along he lines of the following meats:

Tuna Steak fresh or in a tin can
Chicken or Turkey Breasts
Pork filet
Filet Steak – do not have more than once a week.

Adding the humble chicken egg will work wonders for you. The egg is the only food that contains all of the essential amino acids required to build muscle tissue, that’s why it is the food of choice for all bodybuilders. Forget about bodybuilders here, eggs are extremely beneficial for anyone eating them. But remember, don’t cheat on the quality of the eggs, avoid battery hen eggs and try to eat organic free range all the time.

Now come the carbohydrates that you should be consuming and at what time of the day is best for the different types that are available. You will notice that consumption of whole grain pasta, rice and bread are being recommended by nutritionists to be eaten all the time. But there is a caveat, high glycemic carbohydrates (those that are quite to turn into glucose in the blood stream) are best consumed within an hour of waking up in the morning or if you have an exercise regime, within the first 30 minutes post exercise.

Lastly, try to have a conscious thought about the snacks that you are consuming throughout the day. If you have no sugar laden stacks hidden anywhere in the home then you will not have them available when you are feeling hungry. 

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