Tuesday, 24 September 2013

From Very Large to Baggy Skin - What to do then?

Although weight loss is extremely beneficial for your health in the log term if you were massively overweight in the first place, this huge reduction in body mass actually gives rise to another problem  - ‘excess skin’ that once fitted the frame of a clinically obese person. This excess skin will normally occur if the weight loss has been far quicker than the original weight gain and in most cases that is always the case.

Take for instance a 29 year old woman who had been overweight in her childhood, then heavily overweight in here teens and finally obese throughout her twenties. The woman’s skin has enlarged gradually over time over a period of 25 years and remember skin is elastic so could in theory return to a normal state if the weight loss happened over a longer period of time, say for instance 10 years in this case.

If you are currently transforming your body from an overweight position to a healthy one, your skin will eventually feel loose because of the fat that has been removed. As you are losing weight quickly you will find that the skin will not be able to keep up with the fat loss that is happening beneath the skin.

Your skin will eventually return to normal after a two year period, but while you are waiting for that to happen there are a number of things that you can do to speed up that process. Your results will ultimately depend on your lifestyle and therefore your skin's ability to remain elastic.

Lose the weight  SLOWLY…

Only aim for a maximum weight loss of about 1-2 pounds a week and try to incorporate a a weight training program to increase muscle mass while you are losing the fat. This might not sound like a lot of weight, but of a period of a year this is 50-100lbs, a large amount of weight.

Make sure you Eat Properly

If you have read the page about a healthy diet to loseweight you will already have an understanding of what foods you should be eating. But for specific foods that are best consumed to keep the skin plump and elastic they need to contain collagen and elastin. These foods are protein-rich and examples are milk, tofu, cottage cheese, beans, seeds, nuts and fish. These foods also contain higher levels of oil that also increase the likelihood of the skin maintaining its elasticity.

Give your Body Plenty of Water

There is a simple test that can be conducted to indicate your current hydration levels and that is to inspect the elasticity of your skin on the back of the hand. Pinch the skin and if you are dehydrated the skin will appear to take a long time to return to a pre-pinched state, whereas a hydrated person will have their skin quickly return to normal.

The suggested amount of water that is required on a daily basis can range from 2 liters to 4 liters of water depending on the amount of the amount of strenuous activity a person has throughout the day.

Look After Your Skin

There are several things that can be done to improve not only the elasticity of your skin but also its appearance. Try to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis to increase circulation and removes dead skin cells. Skin tightening creams that have herbal formulas contain ingredients such as yeast extract, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid. All of which increase the collagen and elastin formation in your skin.

When washing your skin, it is advisable to avoid the following:

-          Strong detergents
-          Prolonged sun exposure
-          Tanning booths
-          Shampoos
-          Dishwasher liquid
-          Chlorinated water.

Is surgery an option to Consider?

This decision solely depends on how much excess skin you now have and the realistic likelihood of it being returned back to normal. If you managed to lose a lot of weight, say over 100lbs you may find that your skin is not going to return to normal and that excess skin removal surgery is a viable option to look after your appearance. Along with surgery to remove excess skin, you may need a boob job to enhance your breasts that would have changed dramatically in shape and size throughout the weight loss and this is not only for women, men too may require surgery.

Ways to Lose Weight

Thank you for searching for a way to lose weight and you have now found yourself here wondering what this page has to offer in benefitting your desire to lose any extra pounds. Losing weight is not rocket science at all and there are a number of strategies that are simple and very cheap to implement, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars a month on a flash gym membership or a purchase the latest fad for dieting.

There are several different reasons to want to lose weight, you may want to fit into a brand new dress, make yourself look a million dollars for your wedding or preparing to hit the beach for your long awaited holiday. Remember, losing weight should be a lifestyle choice for the long term, not a short term desire when you have only two weeks to prepare for a special occasion.

Here are a number of ways that will help you lose the fat and extra pounds, if implemented throughout a year and will cost you nothing to do:

Drink tap water and any form of soda (sugary drinks)

For thousands of years humans drank only water as a fluid and believe it or not, there were hardly any fat people around. Yet with the introduction of sodas in the past four decades we have seen the rise of obesity throughout the western world and in particular the US, consumption of sugar in the US alone has reached an average of 130lbs every year per person and over 33% of the sugar consumption is derived from sodas. Read more about this in the infographic here.

What does the body do with this extra sugar that Americans are consuming? Well it thinks that this extra food is needed energy so converts the sugar into Glycogen, but there is too much of it and then the body converts this into fat to be stored for later use. The simple solution is to reduce your weight and keep in check, is drink tap water and if you find the taste unpleasant then why not add a slice of citrus or a splash of juice to give it flavor. You will be surprised by the amount of weight you will lose if you just drink water instead of sodas for a whole year.

Become more active

This is something that is free that can easily decrease your weight and burn your unwanted fat. So what can you do that increases your metabolism, walk a lot more and try to find ways to walk more than you currently do.Take for instance your commute to work, you will find that by parking further away from the office and then taking the stairs that you will burn an extra 500 calories throughout the week, 25,000 extra calories burnt throughout the year!

An extra 25,000 calories a year is quite low if you think about walking to work for 15 minutes to the office and then 15 minutes back home each day. That would equate to 2000 calories extra each week, over 100,000 extra calories burnt throughout the year!

How about walking to and from work than buying an active pet, such as a dog and then walking them in the evening after work for an hour instead of sitting on a sofa and watching commercials every evening? What sort of calories are we talking about here? Well, walking for an  hour will burn an extra 300 calories a day if you weigh 200lb, that’s an extra 110,000 calories to be burnt! If you walked your dog at a quick pace you will find that jumps to 150,000 calories for the year.

Make sure you have enough sleep

If you aren‘t getting enough sleep your body will not function properly and you will find that you will be compromising your weight loss efforts. When you sleep your body repairs itself and aids in your function the next day, such as concentration an you will find that not having enough sleep will mean that your desire to conduct exercise will all of a sudden disappear completely and be replaced by a sluggish person.

There are obviously tonnes of dietary changes that you can make to help reduce your weight, several of them can be found on the page for a healthy diet here.